Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Or, One Thing Leads To Another

[Originally Aired May 10, 2006]

Eko continues to chop wood for his church. As he does Ana approaches, smiling. She asks what he's building. He tells her the idea for the church came to him in a dream. "A dream like this one?" She looks down, blood pours from his chest, Ana tells him to help Locke, In the hatch, Eko wanders to the dome, and Yemi is there, at the computer. He's still dreaming, I guess. Yemi tells him to have Locke take him to the question mark. Yemi tells him to take his axe. The timer flips to all question marks, Eko looks at the keys, all question marks. The hatch starts to shake. Eko wakes. He grabs his axe and heads for the hatch. Flashback and he's in Australia working as a priest, and he is visited by a shady character who sells him a passport. Fake passport for a fake priest. The two are interrupted by the monsignor who tells Eko he needs to postpone his trip to America and investigate a girl who returned from the dead. She drowned, but several hours later woke up. Eko says he is not the one to investigate, he doesn't believe it. Monsignor says this is why he must be the one to do it. Outside the hatch Eko meets up with Jack and Sawyer and Kate and Locke just as Michael stumbles out of the hatch, bleeding from his shoulder. He says someone shot him. They dash into the hatch and find Ana and Libby dead. Or not. Libby coughs and spews blood and sputters and Jack tries to save her. Uh oh, this could be bad for Michael. Eko offers to track Fake Henry through the jungle and cons Locke into going with him. In the jungle Locke realizes Eko isn't tracking anyone and when he asks Eko about it, all he gets for his trouble is a headbutt, knocking him unconscious. Later, Locke wakes and asks what the fuck that was all about. Eko explains Locke was being difficult, then interrogates him about the question mark. Locke shows him the map. They make camp for the night, awaiting "further instruction." In flashback, Eko visits the medical examiner who pronounced the girl dead. He asks when the girl came back to life. "During the autopsy." Eep! He then plays Eko an audiotape of the event, which features a lot of screaming. Jack manages to get Libby's bleeding stopped. Kate thinks that is good. It isn't, says Jack. She's going to die. Jack asks Sawyer to fetch the heroin from his stash so he can ease her suffering. Jack tells Kate to go with him. Sawyer can either leave Libby to suffer or reveal his hiding place to Kate. Sawyer heads down to the beach. The guns and heroin are under the floor of Sawyer's tent. Kate sees Hurley and tells him the bad news. In the hatch Michael asks Jack if Libby has said anything, and he tells him no. Near the Nigerian plane, Eko sees Yemi again and he follows him, but he's limping. That's odd. Yemi climbs up the cliff. Eko follows. Locke wakes and reveals his dream to Eko. Oh, that's why he was limping, because he was Locke as Eko in his dream. Okay. The real Eko climbs the cliff this time, nearly falling on his way up. He reaches the top, but nothing is there. Just more jungle. Locke, from below, asks him what he sees. Eko looks down and notices a giant question mark cut into the clearing. That's odd. Down below, Eko finds the question mark and tastes the dirt. It's been salted. Why would someone do that, asks Locke. To make it visible from the air, Eko suggests. The clearing must be significant, he decides and starts digging at the ground with his axe near where the dot should be. At the tail of the plane he hits something. The two jostle the plane out of the way and start digging. Another hatch. Damn! Eko visits the girl's home, but her father refuses to let him talk to her. He's the psychic who put Claire on the plane to L.A. But the he reveals he's a fraud and says his daughter and wife are just trying to get attention. Eko tells him he will file his report saying there was no miracle. Eko and Locke head down into the new hatch and find a room filled with TV monitors. Locke turns one on and sees a live feed from the Swan hatch. Jebus. Eko find a video tape labeled "Orientation." The two watch it and find out this station is called the Pearl and its purpose is to monitor and log everything that happens in the other hatches. It's beginning to look like the button pushing exercise was just that, an exercise. Kinda like Jack said. Locke is pissed. Dr. Marvin who calls himself by some other name this time says the reports are to be put in the pneumatic tubes and sent to headquarters. Locke opens one of the tubes and shoves in his map. It gets sucked up and sent to wherever. I hope he included a deposit slip. Eko grabs paperwork from around the hatch to take back to the Swan. Locke doesn't get why, realizing he's been made a fool of yet again. Eko is convinced their work is more important than ever now. Back at the Swan, Hurley tells the mostly unconscious Libby he is sorry for forgetting the blankets. Then Jack dopes her up and she opens her eyes long enough to say "Michael." Jack tells her Michael is fine, and then she dies. Everyone cries. Except Michael.

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