Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Or, Working On The Chain Gang

[Originally Aired October 11 2006]

A little tiny Sun knocks over a crystal ballerina sculpture and it shatters all over Daddy's floor. She darts away. Later, her father confronts her with the shrapnel and asks if she broke it. Nope, says Sun, the maid did it. Her father doesn't believe her. He tells her if she sticks to her story he'll have to fire the maid. Sun blames the maid again. Daddy storms off, presumably to fire the maid. All this high-mined moral bullshit is kind of a laugh coming from someone who routinely has people beaten and killed. Anyway, who says he has to fire the maid? First off, he obviously thinks Sun is lying. Secondly, even if she wasn't, is breaking some cheap trinket cause to fire a loyal employee? Whatever. Sun's father is just a douche. Christ, three minutes in and I'm already annoyed. Okay, flash forward and a grown up Sun is in bed with Lee. Now I don't know who's the father of her baby. I mean, it could have been that the island magically fixed Jin's broken spunk the way it fixed Locke's legs and Rose's cancer. Or maybe Lee doesn't use condoms. Anyway, Lee tells Sun he doesn't want to share her and suggests the two of them run away to America. Lee offers Sun a pearl necklace as a sign of his devotion. But then Sun's father kicks in the door and spoils all their fun. In the Hydra hatch, Juliet and Ben learn that Sayid, Jin and Sun are at the dock. And they have a sailboat! Ben freaks and demands the boat be captured, sending out a squad of Dharma Initiative commandos to fetch it Flashback to Sun's father's office and he summons Jin telling him Lee has been "stealing" from him and Jin needs to go over to his place and kill him. Jin refuses, saying he will have to resign instead. Jin's father (I really need to find out his name) tells him he is his son now and the shame he suffers is now Jin's shame too and blah blah blah. Jin kicks in the door of Lee's apartment and beats the shit out of him, telling him he will have to disappear. I guess that's better than being dead. Downstairs, a bit later, Jin sits in his car, upset, and then... ka-blammo!: Lee lands on the hood of Jin's car, pearls in hand, an apparent suicide. I guess dead is better. At the dock, Sayid, Jin and Sun argue about what to do next, since none of their friends ever showed up to the Others' camp. They bicker and Jin is kind of douchey to Sun, a recurring theme with him, it seems. He wants to head back to the beach. Meanwhile, Sayid and Sun decide to stall, using the language barrier to dupe him. Jin understands English more than either of them give him credit for and figures out their ruse pretty quickly. Nonetheless he agrees to help set a trap for the Others by building a signal fire at the dock to draw them out. Elsewhere, Sawyer and Kate are pulled from their cages and led through the compound. Sawyer watches two people (Colleen and Danny, I looked it up) whisper and then smooch. Colleen and her armed companions head off in the opposite direction while Danny takes Kate and Sawyer further into the compound where they are put to work. Kate refuses until she sees Jack. Sawyer is tazered for her insubordination. Kate gets to breaking rocks and Sawyer wheelbarrows them around. What are they building? A landing strip? While working near some shrubs, someone whispers to Kate. It's Alex. She asks if Kate has seen the boy who was locked up in the cage. Kate hasn't. Alex then tells Kate that her new dress used to belong to her before scurrying off. Juliet tosses Sawyer a canteen. He smiles at her before pouring the contents out onto the ground. He then stares at Kate's ass until she tell shim to stop. He stops, but only long enough to race up to her and kiss her. Then all hell breaks loose. Danny and some other Others pull the two apart and Sawyer starts throwing punches and there is a donnybrook that ends with Sawyer taking one of their rifles. Juliet shouts "James!" and tells him sternly, but calmly, to put down the gun. Juliet is holding a pistol to Kate. Sawyer complies and Danny tazers him. Again. At the dock Sun is sent back to the boat while Jin and Sayid hide in the bushes, waiting to ambush the Others. Flashback and Sun watches Lee's funeral from afar, until her father arrives telling her she should not be here. Sun asks if he plans to tell Jin and her and Lee. It's not his place, he says. But I guess it was his place to spy on her and break into her hotel room and send his son-in-law to kill her lover. What a douche. On the boat, Sun washes up until she hears footsteps up on deck. Colleen makes her way into the hull and Sun aims her pistol at her. Colleen tells her to put down the gun. Sun tells her to piss off, and Colleen says "Despite what you may think, I'm not the enemy. We are not the enemy. But if you shoot me, that's exactly what we'll become." She take another step closer and Sun shoots her in the belly. All hell breaks loose on the boat as Colleen's comrades try to capture Sun. Sayid and Jin come running from the jungle. How did the Others get past them? Sun manages to slip into the water as the Others speed away in the boat. Jin jumps in the water and grabs her. At the cages, Kate and Sawyer discuss their afternoon. She asks why Juliet called him James. "That's my name." Sawyer tells Kate most of the Others seem to be poor fighters and uncomfortable with the guns. Except Juliet. She would have plugged Kate without hesitation. "I noticed something else, too," says Sawyer. "You taste like strawberries." Kate replies "You taste like fish biscuits." They contemplate there next move, unaware that Ben is watching and listening via closed circuit TV. Later, Ben visits Jack and introduces himself. "Hi, my name is Benjamin Linus and I've lived on this island all my life." What the hell? Ben tells Jack that if he cooperates and does what Ben asks, he'll send him home. Home to the U.S.

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