Thursday, September 24, 2009


You know what I used to love? Snapple Elements. That was an energy drink that was out about ten years ago, came in a snazzy little bottle (see above). They had one that was "Agave" flavoured, or so the label claimed, but it was probably closer in flavour to Cactus Cooler** than the succulent. It was my favourite.

They'll forever be linked in my mind to a shitty job I had at the start of this decade and the long commute home every night. I'd pick one on up (usually late at night) as I'd stop at the filling station. I loved the stuff. I am sure it was very, very bad for me.

Sadly, they don't make this stuff any longer.

** Cactus Cooler is still available, just not in my region. Damn you, Cola Cartel!

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