Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Two Things I Learned on Facebook Today

First, one (1) girl messaged me. So, woo hoo for me! All the sexy ladies like the Deeky. (No doy.)

Secondly, I too can work in counter terrorism and cyber security, with a Homeland Security Degree. Also, I get to be the Bat-Man if I go to Homeland Security College. Because, that's the Batmobile, right? Looks like the Batmobile to me. Did Bruce Wayne get his Bat-Man degree from Homeland Security College? Is that accredited? It's accredited. Definitely accredited. Also, financial aid is availble, which is good. Do you think Dick Grayson got a Pell Grant? And will Pell Grants be suspended if the government shuts down?

And what the fuck is going on with this country when we've allowed a bunch of teabagging assholes to shut down the government? That doesn't seem right. Maybe the Bat-Man can go throw his boomerang at them until they get their shit together. Also, this was sooo not supposed to be a post about politics, but about education.

And girls.

So, nevermind.

p.s. This is my favourite Batmobile, just in case you were wondering. You were wondering.

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