Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Brady Bunch Hour

This clip from The Brady Bunch Hour featuring a medley of songs performed by The Bradys, Rick Dees, and the cast of What's Happening!!

Bonus: My commentary as I watched this morning. (Spoilers!):

I dig Mike's groovy outfit!

‎"Turn the Beat Around"? Oh, wow. This is awful. And wonderful.

Fake Jan!

Nice orange pants, Peter.

What is this song Carol is singing? "Those Were the Days"? Whatever.

Pink afro wigs!

Is that Cousin Oliver in the chicken outfit?

Oh, it's a duck, not a chicken. Whoops!

And why does Rick Dees look like Tony Orlando?


Dwayne can't dance. Sad face.

And being next to Rerun ain't doing him any favors either.

K.C. and the entire Sunshine Band are spinning in their graves right now.

Wow. Just wow. That was unbelievable.

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