Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Or, A Jump To The Left

Quickly: On the island, Dez is thrown in some giant electromagnetic stargate bug zapper. It should have killed him but it didn't. Because he is special. He comes out sort of "enlightened" and agrees to help Widmore save the island. Or something. Then Sayid shows up and kidnaps him. Meanwhile, in the alternate timeline Dez has to babysit junky Charlie who shows him all they are experiencing isn't real. He does this by crashing their care into a marina. While they are drowning Charlie holds up his hand and it "Not Penny's Boat" is written on it. They don't die, and Dez meets Farraday who is not named Farrady, but Daniel Widmore, because for whatever reason he changed his name in the real time line he hasn't in this one. Got that? Anyway, Farraday is a piano player but he had a dream about astrophysics and tells Dez about alternate realities and that he thinks he set off an atomic bomb. Dez then decides to track down the people on Oceanic 815 and show them that this reality isn't... ummm... real.

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