Monday, April 05, 2010

Breaking Bad: I.F.T.

Jessie is in full meltdown mode, calling Jane's voicemail over and over just to hear her. Meanwhile Gus negotiates a temporary and very shaky stay of execution for Walt. But as his Mexican contact tells him, the twins may not honor the deal. Of course, this means Gus has to figure out a way to get Walt cooking again. Sklyer tries to get Walt out of the house, but the cops can't do anything since he's not abusive. Walt calls her bluff but she refuses to narc on him. Hank goes round the bend and beats the shit out of a drug dealer in a bar. Sklyer bones her boss. And tells Walt. Everyone is falling apart. All of which can be traced back, one way or another, to Walt's meth manufacturing. When Jane's voicemail box finally disconnects, the only thing Jessie has left to do is to start cooking.

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