Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Or, A Step To The Right

In L.A., Hurley goes on a blind date, gets stood up, but meets Libby. She asks Hugo if she remembers him. He's all, "No, should I?" Libby is still a patient in the Santa Rosa pysch hospital. Later, Dez "accidentally" bumps into Hugo at Mr. Cluck's and tells him to find Libby. So Hurley does. Then he takes her on a picnic at the beach. He still doesn't remember anything. Then the kiss. And he starts to remember. Dez's plan is coming together. Or something. On the island, Ilana pulls an Arzt and blows herself up with dyn-o-mite. So Hurley takes charge and says it's obviously a sign they shouldn't try to destroy the plane. Then he says Jacob says they have to go see Locke. Alpert is all "fuck that" and he ain't going. Neither is Ben. Or Miles. But everyone else heads to Locke's camp. Hurley later confides in Jack that he was bullshitting about seeing Jacob again. Jack says he knows, but Hurley asked him to trust him, so he is. Hurley leads them to Locke's camp and says "We need to talk." Meanwhile, in L.A. Dez watches Locke then when the moment is right he runs him over with his car. WTF?

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