Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Or, Things Fall Apart

In alternative Los Angeles (I refuse to call it a "flash-sideways"), Nadia is married to Sayid's brother, AKA The Boy Who Would Not Kill Chickens. Brother owes money to a loan shark, who happens to be Keamy. Brother gets roughed up and ends up in the hospital. Keamy has Sayid brought to him and offers to make him poached eggs. Sayid says no thanks and kills Keamy. Then Sayid finds Jin tied up in a freezer. What? Okay, back in Jungleland, Sayid confronts Dogen about being tortured. Dogen tells him the good/evil-yin/yang in him is out of balance. Then they have a bad-ass ninja fight. Dogen banishes him. Miles asks why, and Sayid says "Apparently I'm evil." Then Locke sends Claire into the Temple, since he can't go himself. She enters the Temple and tells Dogen that Locke wants to chat. He's all fuck that. Then Dogen asks to speak to Sayid. Claire is thrown in a pit, but she seems cool with it. Dogen gives Sayid a magic sword and tells him to go out and stab Locke. You know, to prove he's still a little bit good. Sayid is all wevs, banished one minute, wielding Excalibur the next, but goes out to see Locke anyway. He stabs Locke. Locke is all hey that wasn't very nice and pulls out the sword (which is totally not magical) and hands it back. He offers Sayid a deal, he'll give him the one thing he wants more than anything if Sayid joins him. He sends Sayid back in with a message: At sundown he is coming to the Temple, and everyone can either joins him and leave the island, or stay at the Temple and die. Kate comes back to the Temple and tells Claire she's come to rescue her. Claire says she doesn't need rescuing. Dogen tells Sayid some sob story about how he accidentally killed his son and how Jacob saved him but in return Dogen had to move to the island forever. Then Sayid drowns him. Then slits Lennon's throat. Then the sun sets and the smoke monster attacks and totally fucks up the Temple and kills a bunch of Others. Whoops! Miles hides, but is found by Ilana, Ben and Lupidus who take him to a secret room. Ben tries to get Sayid to come with them but he's all Dark Side now. Then Locke enters the Temple and leads Sayid, Kate, Claire and the other Others away.

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