Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Or, "I Will Always Love You"

In Los Angeles, Jin is released by customs officers, but they confiscate his cash. He and Sun head to their hotel, but Jin throws a fit when the clerk offers them one room. Jin points to his finger and screams that they're not married. Later, Jin visits Sun's room and says he is going to deliver the watch. Instead they fuck. In the morning Sun says she has a secret bank account and asks Jin to run away with her. Then Keamy and Omar show up. Jin hides. Keamy asks where his money is, then tells Omar to find Sun's bodyguard. Oh wow. Keamy calls Mikhail to act as interpreter. It is explained that the money was confiscated but Sun says she can get Keamy more. So they take Jin back to the restaurant and tie him up. Keamy tells Jin the $25K was his fee for killing Jin. I guess Old Man Paik found out he was boning his daughter and was having him snuffed out. Too bad Jin can't understand a word. At the bank, Jin and Mikhail find out her account has been closed. Paik is a douche. Then Sayid shoots up the place and frees Jin before leaving. Mikhail and Sun return and find everyone dead. Jin and Mikhail have a fight. Mikhail is shot in the eye. Ha! Patchy! Sun is shot in the abdomen. She says "I'm pregnant." Damn! On the island, Locke tells Jin he needs him and all the people on the list together so he can leave the island. Then he says he is still working on getting him and Sun back together. Locke tells Claire once he's done on the island, Kate is all hers. Nice. Then he leaves camp to visit the beach. Ilana says Alpert will know what to do but Sun is sick of this bullshit and storms off. Jack finds her at her garden. She tells him all the tomatoes dies and tells him to leave her alone. He does. Then Locke shows up and asks her to come with him. She runs away but hits her head on a tree branch. Ben finds her and takes her back to the beach and everyone thinks he did it because he is a lying ass liar. Then Alpert shows up and says they have to go blow up the plane. Meanwhile, Zoe and her team attack Locke's camp and hit everyone with darts that knock them out. They take Jin. Sun's head injury has caused her to lose the ability to speak English. She tells Alpert she's not going to the Hydra island. Later, Jack visits her and gives her a pen and paper and asks if she can still write English. She can. Yay! Then he hands her a tomato he found in her garden, saying "That's one bad ass tomato." Locke returns to camp and finds everyone passed out. He wakes up Sayid and the two head over to Hydra to get Jin back. Locke arrives at the Hydra alone and sees the pylons on the beach. He asks Widmore if they have Jin. No, Widmore lies. Later, Zoe tells him they do have Jin, so I guess Widmore didn't lie to Locke, not technically. Widmore visits Jin and hands him Sun's camera they found in the Ajira wreckage. Jin looks at pictures of his daughter for the first time and cries. Widmore tells him that if Locke leaves the island they'd all cease to exist. Jebus! Then he says it is time to show Jin the package that was on thesub. "What is it," Jin asks. "Not a what," Widmore says. "A who." At the dock, Desmond is pulled from the sub. Dez! Yay! He is drugged and wobbly and nearly falls off the dock. Silently, Sayid surfaces and stares at Dez. Uh oh!

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