Thursday, March 03, 2011

Satánico Pandemonium

Mary the Pure is a good nun. She is virtuous, compassionate, and knows a lot about livestock. She intuits the heartache of the other nuns, she knows what herbs heal a sick cow, she is loved and respected by her Sisters.

All of that changes when she meets a handsome stranger in the woods, a dark, naked man who offers her an apple. (Symbolism!) Mary runs off, but it's to no avail. No amount of self-flagellation can keep her safe. Before long, she is fully in Satan's grasp.

She starts out simply attempting to bed a very young shepherd boy at the river's edge. But Marcello is having none of it. He pulls himself free and scurries home. Mary isn't out of luck though. No, soon enough another Sister is in her cell confessing her desires for Mary. And what does Mary do? She strips the Sister out of her habit and lustfully puts her mouth upon her. Yes, hot nun-on-nun action.

But not all nuns are so wanton. When a second nun visits Mary's room, and then spurns her advances, Mary exacts revenge by stabbing the woman in the neck. And really, once you've stabbed a nun in the neck, there is no going back.

And before you know it, Mary has "helped" a nun commit suicide, hacked up Marcello and his grandmother (and burned down their house!), and bumped off the Mother Superior. All this hard work pays off, as the other Sisters elect Mary to the position of new Mother Superior

But Mary's new position isn't so secure, as the Sisters have a few surprises of their own under their habits...

There's nothing quite like nunsploitation, is there? What a genre. I am pretty sure all involved in the production of such films are going straight to hell. I am pretty sure the same can be said about whomever watches them too. I'm not sure what will become of Mexico's Board of Tourism, which helped finance this gem: "Come to Oaxaca, land of murderous nuns!"

Directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares • Unrated • 1973 • 90 minutes

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