Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Inbox This Morning at Gays.com

As I mentioned previously, gays.com is people entirely with con artists intent on squeezing a few bucks out of hapless faggots. Unfortunately for them, I'm not hapless. I know my way around a 419 scammer. Nonetheless, they give it their best shot.

Recently I began communicating with a gent who claimed to be a barrister from Baltimore who was interested in a date. First off, no one in this country calls them barristers, so red flag right there. This alleged lawyer's English was, to put it nicely, very idiomatic. Whoops, another red flag. Third ill-considered move on his part was insisting we chat via email, instead of gays.com messages. The bad thing there is that sending email lets me see the originating IP. And after the first email I knew for fact this fellow (assuming our con artiste was even a dude) was from Calicut, India.

Knowing all that, I figured I'd play along. I knew there would be, inevitably, a plea for money. What I wasn't sure of was how exactly this would manifest itself. But I was curious.

So we talked.

Alsmost immediately Barrister John Bedford peppered his missives with lots of dears and sweethearts and love yous. Yeah, I don't know you. We're not in love. We're not even friends. This went on for weeks. Mostly because I'd forget about him and after five or six days I'd get another plea that we meet.

Okay, I figured. Why not? Knowing he was not from around here, I tried to get him to choose a time and place. That didn't work. But finally, after suggesting both Fudge Palace and Fisty McGee's, we agreed to meet. I then put the matter out of my mind.

I didn't hear anything from the barrister for a couple weeks. Until:

Hello Dearie,

How are you doing? sorry i have to be able to write you all this while,it was due to some kinda of thing that happened to me, i was coming back from where i went to somedays back when a running car hit me and i fell unconscious that moment and after that,the next thing i saw was that i found my self in the hospital,actually i didnt sustain much injury but just fainted. Im still in the hospital right now as i write you now,using the hospital computer.Am really conffused here,The doctor has discharged me but one thing is holding me which is the hospital bill in which i have no idea on how to raise the money to pay the bill.I was only having $200 on me here now,I therefore use this medium to ask you for help if you can render any assistance to me.I will be glad at your kind gestures towards me.I will be needing atleast $700 for the bill or less depending on what you are capable of giving me.Hope to hear back from you asap.love you dearie...

John cares..

Ah, so there's the con! Perfect. Explains why we never made it to our date. Woe is him! What a buffoon.

I wonder though. Does anyone actually fall for this? I think I should suggest I pay the hospital directly, just to see how he reacts.


  1. Unfortunately, people do fall for this kind of scam and that is precisely why they continue to try and run it.

  2. yeah, you must be right. it's still unfathomable to me on a certain level.

    i watch movies like "the sting" or whatever, and say, yup, complex con, very tricky, i could see how someone fell for that. but the above is just so terrible and transparent and awful it seems like it would be so ineffective.