Monday, October 18, 2010

Ur So Gay

I was playing around in the app store on my phone this weekend when a great idea came to me. Why don't I see what gay-themed apps might be available? Whoops!

I discovered no less than six apps under the gaydar monicker. (Gaydar 3000, Gaydar 2.0!, GAYdar+, to name a few.) And what do these products do? They're all the same, more or less.

To wit, the description from Gaydar Pro:

Are you Gay? Are your friends Gay? With Gaydar Pro you can easily find out! Tilt your phone towards the target and the meter will go full on Gay Crazy! Scan their Thumb print to detect their level of gayness. Use Homo-Recognition to take a picture of the gay target and watch the rainbows take over! Send picture to friends!

OMFG, that is soooooooooo hee-larious! HA ha ha! Ur a total gaywad! Because there is nothing funnier than calling someone a fag! Oh, my aching sides!

Okay, I know. It's just a joke. I should lighten up. No one ever got hurt by being called a homo, right? Right?

(p.s. This is a good gaydar app, at least from the description.)

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