Monday, July 26, 2010

Part of This Complete Breakfast

Know what I was thinking about this morning? Cereal. More specifically, Urkel-Os brand cereal (the Urkelized part of your complete breakfast). Remember how yummy those were? No? You sure? Well, maybe this will help your memory:

La transcripciĆ³n:

Generic maybe hip-hop plays. Steve Urkel enters someplace, perhaps a restaurant, framed photo in one hand, box of cereal in the other.

Urkel: Oh Laura, my pet, I created something that'll make you love me. I got a great new cereal! Did I do that? So, hike up your pant for the Urkel-Os rant*.

Back-up Singers: Mmmm! We're Urkelized with Urkel-Os!

Urkel: Strawberry, banana, fruit flavors so fine! Just one little bite and I know she'll be mine!

Back-up Singers: Mmmm! She'll be Urkelized (Urkelized!) with Urkel-Os!

Urkel: Oh, Laura, when I find you you'll taste true love! The Urkelized part of this complete breakfast. Hehehe! Snort!

Makes me wish I had something other than Cap'n Crunch at home!

* I honestly don't know if that last word is correct. I first thought the lyric was "hike up your pants for the Urkel-Os ranch" but after listening to it five or six** times I decided it was "rant," which, honestly, doesn't make any more or less sense.

** After listening to this five or six times, I was ready to dunk my head in the toilet just to get clean.


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