Sunday, November 29, 2009


Or, She's Having A Baby

[Originally Aired April 25, 2007]

Sun tends to her garden. Jack approaches and asks questions about her pregnancy. She is suspicious. Flashback and Sun answers her cell phone and she and Jin giggle about being newlyweds. Sun hangs up and sits on a park bench. The old woman next to her looks up from her newspaper and asks "Is that you?" pointing to a wedding announcement. Yes, Sun says. The woman seems impressed when asking if she's the daughter of the man who owns Paik Automotive. Then she asks about Jin's parents. Dead, Sun says. Father was a fisherman though. The woman adds, he was the son of a whore too. WTF? Then the woman tells Sun to bring her $100K tomorrow by five or she'll expose Jin's shame. Or something. In the jungle, Desmond, Charlie, Hurley and Jin lean over the chopper pilot. She moans and groans and says (in Spanish) "I am dying." Turns out she has a big-ass piece of tree branch piercing her gut. They rifle through her things trying to find something a little more substantial than their first aid kit. They bicker about what to do. Take her to the beach or fetch Jack. Both ideas suck. Hurley accidentally discharges the woman's flare gun. Oops. That's gonna attract attention. Flashback and the newlyweds are unpacking and Jin has just brought home dinner. Yummy. Sun asks if he has any photos of his family. He says he doesn't and she catches him in a lie. Jin is defensive and Sun lets it go. At the beach Kate and Sun discuss whether or not Jack has turned traitor and is working with the Others. Kate doesn't think so. Sun isn't too sure. So Sun goes and gets in Juliet's face and wants to know what is up with pregnant women on the island. Juliet frowns and tells her they die. Ouch. In the jungle Charlie and Desmond argue. Desmond plans to run to get Jack. Then there is rustling in the jungle. Then Mikhail stumbles out. What? He's dead! Mikhail turns and runs away but Jin kicks him in the head and Dez pins him to a tree, jamming the flare gun to his chest. Dez threatens to shoot hit, and Mikhail shrugs it off saying "I already died once this week." Dez asks if he understands what the woman is saying. "She said she's dying, she needs help. I was a Soviet Army field medic, I can offer you my services." Mikhail agrees to save her life in exchange for his freedom. Flashback. Sun meets Jin's father. He is pleased to see his new daughter-in-law. They talk about the wedding. Sun tells him she thought he was dead. He tells her Jin's mother slept around, and he doesn't even know if the boy is his son, then she left. But he raised him nonetheless, told him mom was was dead. Then he asks her not to tell him she visited him, and not to tell him his mother is alive. At the beach, Juliet sneaks into Sun's tent and tells her to come with her. Sun is all "And why the fuck should I do that?" Juliet tells her there is a med station in the jungle and they can do an ultrasound and find out when the baby was conceived. "If you got pregnant off the island then you and your baby will probably be okay, but if you got pregnant here..." Well, that ain't so good, I guess. In Korea Sun visits her father, and he's still a douche, and asks him for the $100K. But she won't tell him why. He wonders why he should give her money. "Because my whole life, I've pretended not to know what you do. I've allowed you to keep your control over me. I pretend that everything is all right. I will continue pretending. As long as you give me the money I am asking for. No questions asked." He gives her the cash but tells her the debt will be her husband's and he'll be working directly for him now. In the jungle Mikhail works on the pilot and asks if she had anything on her. Hurley lets it slip about the sat phone. The pilot's lung is filling with blood, so Mikhail pokes a hole in her chest to let it drain. Ouch. She screams and says something to Mikhail. He lies and says she was just saying thanks. Meanwhile Juliet and Sun reach the med station and head down into the locker room. In the back of one of the lockers is a secret switch. Juliet throws it and a door opens. Sun tells Juliet she cheated on Jin and doesn't know who the father of her baby is. Back on the other side of the jungle Mikhail tells them she'll be better in a day, magic island and all that, and heads off into the brush. Jin chases him and pounces on him and retrieves the sat phone from inside his shirt. "How could you respect me if I didn't try?" Juliet gives Sun her ultrasound. Sun doesn't think the baby is Jin's, he's sterile. Juliet tells her about how the magic island makes your sperm count skyrocket. Sun contemplates her situation. "If I'm going to live, that means the baby's not Jin's." In Korea Jin discovers the wad of money and begs Sun to return it. He doesn't want to be in her father's debt. Ouch. Juliet shows Sun the baby on the ultrasound. She says the baby was conceived on the island, about 50 days ago. I'm so sorry, she says. But Sun smiles and says "It's Jin's." Sun meets the old woman at the bench and gives her the money. She asks why she didn't tell her she was his mother. "I gave birth to him. But that does not make me his mother." Sun growls "You know how powerful my family is. My husband believes that you are dead. Do not force me to make that a reality." Damn. Juliet and Sun leave the med station. Juliet tells Sun she's gonna check and make sure they covered their tracks. Back in the locker room Juliet picks up a tape recorder and speaks into it. "Ben, it's six AM on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant, the fetus is healthy and was conceived on-island with husband, he was sterile before they got here." She rattles off some more, and shuts off the recorder, whispering "I hate you." Meanwhile the pilot wakes. She asks Hurley who he is. He tells he is a survivor of flight 815. That's impossible, she says. "They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead." What the fuck?

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