Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Lostie News

Okay, first things first, with the awesome news: ABC has agreed to let Cuse and Lindelof expand the series finale of Lost from two hours to two-and-a-half.

The producers of ABC's hit drama have shot so much crucial material for the show's hugely anticipated series finale that the network has agreed to extend the last episode by an extra half hour.
Also note that ABC is doing up another of its enhanced editions of the series pilot to air on the 22nd. Sunday before the show is a two-hour retrospective titled Lost: The Final Journey. And following local news that evening is Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost.

Set your DVRs, Losties!

Speaking of DVRs and Gerald McRaney, did you know that McRaney appeared in four episodes of The Incredible Hulk, each time playing a different character?

Greatest. Actor. Ever. But you already knew that. He rocked the mic in Simon and Simon and Major Dad and Touched by an Angel (uh what?). That's why James James Abrams (the guy who invented Lost, as I am sure you know) has cast McRaney in his new spy show (which is soooo not Alias: it stars African-Americans!) for NBC.

Undercovers stars Boris Kodjoe (Soul Food) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Doctor Who) as married ex-CIA agents who get pulled back into the spy biz.
Gerald McRaney and his atavistic moustache star as Kodjoe and Mbatha-Raw's bosses at the CIA. This show is going to be great, like a peanut butter cup. "You got your Gerald in my James James!" "You got your James James in my Gerald!"

Set your DVRs, Undercoversies!

Also on the James James tip, exclusive news (not really): James James's new movie, which hasn't even been made yet, is called Super 8. It is rumoured to be a sequel to Cloverfield and not a prequel to Super 8½. Cloverfield was a movie, I think, about a not-Godzilla destroying NYC. The trailer for Super 8 was secretly included with the Iron Man 2 release last weekend. Skulduggery!

Set your DVRs, Cloverfieldsies!

That's it for Lost news this week. Stay tuned for more, as it happens!

p.s. Dan Akroyd is concerned about (illegal) aliens.


  1. Okay, don't you think that the show sounds a little like a never ending version of the movie "True Lies"?

  2. or "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." yuck!