Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dumber Than...

In which I substitute an email conversation between Liss and I as an actual post.

Liss: Aren't you glad to have these helpful celebrities on your side:

Jared Leto Gets Fired Up Over Gay Marriage

What's got Jared Leto starting fires these days?

Gay marriage.

The actor-musician is helping raise money for gay rights group FAIR by taking part in an online auction of celebrity-signed prints of artist Shepard Fairey's "Defend Equality Love Unites," a poster in support of gay marriage.

But Leto did more than just doodle his autograph...

After writing out the actual language of the Proposition 8 ballot initiative on the back of his Fairey print, he burned it and placed the ashes in a clear glass urn with the inscription, "Here lies within, the remains of Proposition 8, may it rest in peace." Then he signed, dated and topped it with a red ribbon.

Among the autographed prints, E! talk-show queen Chelsea Handler wrote on hers, "To my gays. Thank you for being gay!"

Kim Kardashian colored in the thumbnail of the fist featured in the work, while Twilight star Anna Kendrick signed, "Love is a right. Not a privilege."

Scarlett Johansson quoted Andy Warhol with "They say that time changes everything, but you actually have to change them yourself."

And Sarah Silverman never fails to amuse. The funnylady scribbled, "Peace, poop and penis."

The online auction kicks off on Nov. 12 with an event at the Andaz West Hollywood hotel cohosted by gay entertainment business group HOMOtracker.

[Jared Leto is straight, but celebs in our Covering Up As Gay photo gallery aren't.]
Deeky: Jesus fucking Christ.

Liss: It's like, I read shit like that, and all I can think is: "Yeah, I get why so many celebrities support Polanski. That industry's got an epidemic of stupid in the brains."

Deeky: Dumber than a sack of buttplugs.**


Deeky: Seriously, you should turn this exchange into a post.

Liss: No, YOU should turn it into a post.

Deeky: You're right. Everyone likes me better anyway.

Liss: Asshole.

(** This is the phrase I recently used to describe the intellectual capacity of my last boyfriend.)

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