Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Slip In The Polls

I'm from a predominantly Hispanic family, and as such, people often ask me "Hey, what do your relatives think of this?" I usually shrug, and make something up, because uno) I don't know what every single one of my relatives thinks, dos) experience has taught me that my family, as with most families, does not always agree on every subject y tres) I'm mostly interested only in hearing my own opinion.

I got one of those questions today, about the GOP's continued playing of the Let's Hate On Mexicans Game, specifically, their opposition to Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. And yes, I know Sotomayor is not Mexican per se, but I think that is splitting hairs as far as the GOP is concerned. The GOP, it seems, is suffering a bit of a backlash.
[O]pposition to Sotomayor seems to be hurting the party among Latinos in a big way.

The latest numbers ... find that only eight percent of Latinos view the party favorably, while an astonishing 86 percent view it unfavorably.
So, what does my family think of this? Let me just say, they're not at all surprised.

Seriously, how long does the GOP think it can demonize an entire race before that comes back and bites them in the ass? And just to put that slip in perspective, the drop is a loss of about 25% of their support from whatever few Hispanics the GOP was still able to court. Of course, the next question is, who are those remaining eight percent? That one I don't have an answer for.

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