Friday, January 30, 2009

Today In Vile, Offensive and Stupid

Why, yes, that is a shifty-eyed President Obama, sending a (white) woman, against her will, to a "Mengele-esque" abortionist (who's covered in blood, don't you know, and standing next to a cash register). Note the newspaper with the headline "Gitmo To Close" as the obviously distraught woman fetus** asks, silently, "Couldn't you just waterboard me instead?"

How in the fuck does one's world view become so distorted, so detached from reality, that this is how they see Obama's election to office? Forced abortions in pursuit of cash while terrorists are allowed to run free? Really?

For fuck's sake.

(Via Lawyers, Guns and Money.)

** Updated to add: As pointed out, the fetus is the one asking to be waterboarded, not the woman. She, as per usual, "has absolutely no voice at all," to quote commenter GypsyLee. And since several of you have asked, the above is by cartoonist Glenn McCoy of the Universal Press Syndicate.

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