Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bill Kristol Is Not F@#king Matt Damon (But He Wants To Be)

After being called "an idiot" by Matt Damon, conservative warmonger Bill Kristol has agreed to debate the actor on said subject. Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart has even offered up $100k to the charity of Damon's choice should he agree to participate. I assume Breitbart is looking to humiliate Damon: If Damon doesn't accept the offer, he's denying some worthy cause a big fat check. And if he does accept, then Breitbart presumes Kristol will debate circles around the actor. Breitbart of course forgets that Kristol has been wrong about... well... everything he's ever said.

Personally, I think Damon should take the offer, force Breitbart to donate the $100k to the ACLU or the Matthew Shepard Foundation or someplace, and give Kristol the spanking he so rightly deserves.

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