Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bad Idea of the Day

President-elect Barack Obama is resurrecting an idea that fell short of enactment twice in 2008: allowing companies a speedier recovery of their current losses through refunds of taxes they paid on earnings in previous years.

The extension of net operating loss carryback from two years to five, which is favored by Republicans, would provide instant refunds to some of the firms that have been hit hardest by the recession, including large portions of the financial services and real estate industries.
The whole story is here. While reading it, this line struck me: "Republican leaders have said that they are more likely to support a stimulus bill that contains GOP ideas." Huh? Really? You don't say. Wevs.

Okay, this may or may not be a good idea. (Probably not, but I'll leave that to our resident economists to debate.) But you know what is not a good idea? Giving in to those fucks in the Republican Party.

Mr. President-Elect, remember that spanking they got in November? That landslide victory you and your party claimed? That was practically a mandate not to give them anything, for fuck's sake. Screw those guys. The country has seen their work these last eight years and is fed the fuck up with their bullshit ideas. Let's try something else.

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