Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Head Like A Hole

Invading Iraq was worth it, according to President Mondo Fucko. No real surprise there, is it? No, not really. From day one he's told us he doesn't lose sleep over the chaos he's unleashed on the region. Wevs.

But here's the thing that gets me (from his upcoming speech at the Pentagon):

Out of such chaos in Iraq, the terrorist movement could emerge emboldened with new recruits ... new resources ... and an even greater determination to dominate the region and harm America. An emboldened al-Qaida with access to Iraq's oil resources could pursue its ambitions to acquire weapons of mass destruction to attack America and other free nations.
So, we invaded because Iraq was rife with weapons of mass destruction. And now, we can't leave because if we do, the place will be again teeming with weapons of mass destruction. Like the place is some magical vortex of WMDs, and only as long as the U.S. military continues its never-ending game of whack-a-mole will we be safe.


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