Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Liss and I were chatting earlier and during the conversation I lamented the fact that a very dear friend of mine was in a bad spot. There was next to nothing I could do about the situation and I said I felt like an asshole because of it. Liss told me I wasn't an asshole, as the situation was not my fault, and the responsible party was, in fact, the true asshole here.

But I explained "A lot of my self-worth is tied into me helping everyone else around me, usually at the expense of my own health and happiness."

"You're such a girl," she replied. It was not said the way most people say it, even as it played on how they do.

"You know what's funny?" I asked her. "Well, not funny so much as sad. But in most contexts 'you're such a girl' would be an insult. But here it makes me reply: Awesome. Totally awesome."

Liss sent back: "Btw, feeling like an asshole for wanting to help people makes you an asshole. Not a real asshole. The kind of asshole I always call you. And if your self-worth is tied into helping people around you, then you should basically spend your life feeling like a million goddamn dollars, considering you help me get through the day every day just by being you."

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