Sunday, March 22, 2009

Radio Shakesville

Okay, kids, Radio Shakesville's first podcast is done. You can listen to it here.

On this show: excerpts from Satanic Messages in Rock Music, Liss and I discuss what's showing at the movies (there be spoilers, fair warning), and I play music from The Pogues, Brian Eno, Patti Smith and more.

If possible, please subscribe to the podcast. Subscribing gives me a better idea how many people are actually listening to this thing.

I'm also taking requests for songs in future podcasts. Just call (641) 715-3900, extension: 44515. Note, all calls are recorded and may be used in future shows. So if you're shy or don't want your voice broadcast for all to hear, send your request via email.

So, listen up, and tell me what you think.

(A couple of technical notes: using the "Play Now" option has resulted in stuttery playback for some users. It's probably best to right-click and use the "save target as" or "save link as" option, depending on whichever browser you're using. Unfortunately, the "save target as" option isn't available in Firefox, (which is one more reason I stick with IE, just sayin'). Of course if you subscribe, the podcast should be downloaded automatically directly to your hard drive.)


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