Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Pink Flamingos: Then and Now

The infamous final scene of Pink Flamingos was filmed in my neighbourhood, about two blocks from where I live. Recently I strolled out with my camera in an attempt to capture these locations as they look now.

Babs, Crackers, and Cotton round the corner of Read and Park, past a tavern. The phone booth is gone, the trees in the background are grown up, but the place is still a bar. It's called The Drinkery now and it's a run-down gay bar.

A block up the street, at Read and Tyson, they spot something that stops them in their tracks.

A man walks his dog down Tyson Street. It's really little more than an alley.

Babs is hungry! Read Street shops in the background.

Parking lot on Tyson Street where Babs has a snack. It's crumbled away to nothing now.

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