Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tweet of the Day


  1. Always knew that guy made a sack of hammers look like a Nobel laureate, but, just … wow.

    Also, his Twitter backdrop has him in a Yankee uniform. Do you think he forgot he played less than 2% of his career there?

    (Saw someone RT you, if you're wondering what brought me here.)

  2. jose is some sort of mad genius.

  3. Did you see today's?

    8h Jose Canseco‏@JoseCanseco
    Who ever wins the lottery contact me .I can give you advice on how to use your (cont)

    19h Jose Canseco‏@JoseCanseco
    I was driving last night on a lonely dark road and met this alien or maybe a really ugly girl and it gave me the lottery numbers