Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If There's One Thing I've Learned...

...It's that Ron Paul supporters are terrible at Photoshop. Ergo, i.e., e.g. and vis-à-vis:

Holy moly! What is going on here? A page from a coloring book and Ron Paul pointing and red boxes and another, smaller Ron Paul and a tea cup and maybe an American flag in there somewhere? Layers of flavor!

Ron Paul Photoshop disaster

Wigs! And something about cigars. Huh? Yeah. I dunno. Does anyone want to discuss dressing a black man up like one of the Founding Fathers? No? Me either.

Ron Paul Photoshop disaster

A flag in this one, for sure. And some text (poorly rendered) that admits voting for Ron Paul is throwing one's vote away (no doy) but that's okay because The Republic is at stake. Or something. There is also more text underneath that I can't read, so it's like a flashback to Raygun, but without any talk about Soundgarden.

Ron Paul Photoshop disaster

Time Magazine! Yeah, Paul's supporters really like to put him on the cover of Time. There are lots and lots of variations on this out there, all of them are pretty terrible. I like this one because it features the Constitution. Ron Paul looooooves the Constitution. Too bad marriage is between one man and one woman and he can't marry it.

Ron Paul Photoshop disaster

Whut? Sunday Sunday Sunday! This one is really in your face, isn't it? "Have we lost America?" Did you check behind the sofa? I'd check there. Stuff always gets lost behind the sofa. Also: "What's the deal with airplane food?!"

Bonus image!:

Ron Paul Photoshop disaster

Ron Paul looking verrrry presidential. Oof. Seriously. It's like someone in the office took a picture of Del up in accounting because they were going to put his picture in the newsletter to celebrate his 15 anniversary with Tedelco Condensers Corp. (Just FYI: Tedelco Condensers Corp's motto: "Service, Selection, Value.") Next time, pick a better picture, that's all I'm saying.

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