Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Glenn Beck TV!

Recovering quickly from being fired by those liberals over at Fox News, our good friend Glenn Beck is already on his way back to the top. Did he get his own network? Even better: He's getting his own Youtube channel. Which makes him as awesome as every fourteen-year-old out there. So... You go, Glenn!

This Fall (just in time for sweeps week!) Glenn Beck is launching GBTV, an internet-only subscription-based service.

For $4.95 a month fans and detractors alike (so long as they have a credit card! Paypal coming soon!) can watch Beck's new two-hour show. For another five bucks you also get access to a simulcast of his three hour radio show and a show about the Glenn Beck TV network.

And if you have five-plus hours a day and ten bucks a month to dedicate to watching Glenn Beck, more power to you!

I guess it remains to be seen if people are now willing to pay money to get what they used to get for free. But Beck is promising lots of good things:

Eventually, Mr. Beck said, his goal is to have an array of scripted and unscripted shows alongside his own daily show, which will simply be titled Glenn Beck and will run for two hours on weekday afternoons.

"If you're a fan of Jon Stewart, you're going to find something on GBTV that you're going to enjoy," Mr. Beck said. "If you're a fan of 24, you're going to find something on GBTV that you're going to enjoy."

Yay! I guess. I dunno.

If people are willing to pay for this crap, good on them. I think. Who is willing to pay for this crap? Someone, I am sure.

Maybe the same folks who'd buy the young adult novel Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 from Beck's new imprint at Simon and Schuster. Also coming this fall, a new novel "by" Beck titled The Snow Angel. Just in time for Christmas. (And no, before you ask, I will not fucking read that thing.)

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  1. Can I just say that the news of this made me freaking ill. I can only hope that it bombs terribly because unlike when he was on FOX there will be no mechanism for people to actively protest his tripe.