Thursday, April 17, 2008

News from Château Deeky

There is now a Château Deeky. That is to say, I purchased a house on Tuesday. From bell push to faucet, I am now the proud owner* of 1600 square feet of suburban tract house in a quaint little development named Lakeshire Estates**.

I've spent two evenings after work painting***, and plan to do two more before moving in on Saturday.

Housewarming party to follow shortly. You're all invited****.

(* Well, half of it anyway: My roommate owns the other half.)
(** I think I may start referring to this as the Shire.)
(*** "Palatial" looks a lot pinker on the walls than on that little card at Home Depot, by the way.)
(**** Trolls and wingnuts excluded.)

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