Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Seven Percent Solution

Like a man who's wolfed down too much Ex-Lax, Ron Paul intones "I couldn't stop this movement if I tried." And with that assures us he's not, in fact, dropping out of the race. According to this electronic rimjob blog post from the L.A. Times, Paul's apparent strategy is to keep pulling in single digits (7% in Washington this week) in the primaries until both Huckabee and McCain fall ill and/or get caught snorting coke off an altar boy's ass. Paul has more money than his competitors, having built a loony pyramid scheme of wild-eyed contributors funneling cash and doubloons into his campaign (that's Libertarianism in action, I guess), and seems pretty confident he can jump right in as the Republican's default candidate should the current default candidate drop out. That's quite a plan. Almost brilliant in its stupidity, really. Except that it is, as I just noted, stupid. Good luck, Ron Paul, and here's to hoping Huckabee gets caught with his pants down.

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