Monday, June 23, 2008

Teach Your Children Well

WTF is all I have to say about this.

No, wait, that isn't all I have to say. But seriously, WTF? What kind of parent sends their daughter to a camp where one of the activities is "putting together and accessorizing outfits"? It's really more than that say defenders (though I call bullshit on that):

"Overall it has a fashion background, but it also has to do with personal development and self-confidence," said Jo Ross, camp coordinator and leader.
Sure, because a woman's self-worth should always be tied to how "fashionable" her attire. That's healthy. Oh, yes, and girls as young as six are encouraged to attend. Get em neurotic and worried about self-image early, I guess.

At fashion stops, like Limited Too, Old Navy and Designer Shoe Warehouse, campers not only learn fashion terminology but public speaking skills, as they are asked to stand up in front of the group and explain their favorite pieces, Ross said.
Because, really, that's what should be valuable in a young woman's life: discussing her outfits.

And here's my favorite bit:

"This is something different," Ross said. "Not everybody can be a cheerleader or football player, so this is something for someone with different interests ... the most important thing I tell the girls is to have fun."
Oh, okay. Sure, not everyone can be a cheerleader, or an athlete, but anyone can learn to be shallow! Too bad there aren't any other choices for women to aspire to these days.

(H/T to Lisa at Parents for Ethical Marketing.)

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